Collinear Networks: Riding the High-Speed Connectivity Wave

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Aamir Hussain, CEO, Collinear NetworksAamir Hussain, CEO The data-driven revolution will require high-speed wireless connectivity for new consumer and enterprise services, including AR, VR, 8K video, and connected “everything.” With the massive growth of data traffic challenging the resilience and agility of wireless connectivity, technological innovations around 5G aim to overcome slow speeds, unstable connections, latency issues, delays, or loss of service. One of the companies at the forefront of this data-driven revolution is Collinear Networks; it provides next-generation, over-the-air solutions to meet the growing demands of 4G, 5G, and ever-increasing IoT traffic.

Historically, wireless links utilized radio frequency (RF) technology operating at data rates up to a few hundreds of Mbps. These capabilities need a significant boost in terms of both speed and operating efficiency. “We address the challenges associated with speed and efficiency through a complete line of advanced network solutions using Free Space Optics (FSO) and E-Band RF technology that offer 10 Gbps to 20 Gbps speeds for seamless data transmission,” adds Aamir Hussain, CEO of Collinear Networks. The company offers three versions of its CNX product line —AirCNX, LightCNX, Hybrid CNX—along with an integrated element management system, CNX Director. All of Collinear’s products help service providers and enterprises provide solutions that require multi-gigabit throughput, including fixed wireless and mobile backhaul

Collinear’s AirCNX, an E-Band millimeter-wave product, and the LightCNX, a free-space optical product, deliver up to 10Gbps capacity while the HybridCNX hybrid mmWave / free-space product provides up to 20Gbps data transmission speeds.

We address network challenges associated with speed and efficiency through a complete line of advanced network solutions using Free Space Optics (FSO) and E-Band RF technology

Moreover, the AirCNX can be upgraded to a HybridCNX (mmWave and FSO) link to scale up to higher data capacities based on the discrete business requirement. The process of adding more links to the network is simplified by Collinear’s optional CNX Director, which provides auto-discovery and bulk configuration tools for users.

The LightCNX is an advanced free-space optical solution that uses a very narrow laser beam to transmit data. The beam operates at an eye-safe power level and dynamically adjusts for external disturbances and vibrations, keeping the light from the transmitter pointed directly at the receiver. The LightCNX is much simpler to install than earlier generations of free-space optical solutions and offers advanced software-based pointing and tracking functionalities to enhance the reliability of the network.

A noteworthy product in Collinear’s portfolio is the HybridCNX, which boasts a dual-technology link comprised of millimeter-wave and free-space optical transmission media, operating as a single, diversified link.
This link is managed by Collinear’s EdgeCNX platform, an intelligent L2 switch that utilizes LinkLogic software for parameterized traffic handling, achieving better network yield and greater service flexibility. HybridCNX provides up to 20 Gbps capacity to a distance of up to 5 km, even in diverse weather conditions.

To further elaborate on the efficiency of Collinear’s product portfolio, Hussain points to events that drive high data traffic, like the World Cup. For these kinds of events, service providers need a reliable network solution with high bandwidth to provide coverage and capacity for the large numbers of attendees and participants. Collinear has its wireless transport and proven that within a few weeks, their solutions can be deployed without the need to lay time-consuming and costly underground fiber.

The aforementioned solutions are developed based on innovative technologies, including state of the art free-space optics and Collinear’s unique Hybrid Link hardware and software. Owing to such capabilities, Collinear’s solutions can be deployed at adverse geographical locations without the need to lay underground fiber cables. Exemplifying the merits of these products, Collinear Networks is currently embarking on a journey to future-proof wireless technology and enhance the capabilities of global communications networks.
- Scarlett Wyatt
    December 11, 2019
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Collinear Networks

Collinear Networks

Santa Clara, CA

Aamir Hussain, CEO

Collinear is pioneering wireless network connectivity solutions that provide fiber-like connectivity with no trenches required. By combining a new generation of Free Space Optics (FSO) and E-Band RF technology with intelligent traffic management, Collinear helps service providers put more capacity in more places to meet the demands of 4G, 5G and IoT traffic. Led by a team of seasoned executives from the telecom and networking industries, Collinear provides solutions that address today’s mobile network pain points, as well as aid operators on their path to new architectures, virtualization, and expansion of services via new business models