Brightlink: Bringing Transparency and Intelligence into the Communication Network

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Joseph White, CTO, BrightlinkJoseph White, CTO
In telecom today, most providers typically focus on providing one or two capabilities within the communications spectrum, whether it is network services, CPaaS integration capabilities, or applications. However, in order to meet the dynamic communication needs of the current market, it is far more useful for organizations to have a single provider for all three layers of the communications technology stack encompassing proven infrastructure, robust integration, and purpose-built applications.

Making this a reality is Atlanta-based Brightlink who delivers voice, messaging, and cloud-based solutions with an analytics platform on top of all of these to give customers the critical ability to drive actionable insights as well as provide real-time transparency into the quality of service that customers receive. “We are the only company out there that has its own network services as well as the CPaaS platform with APIs, and an application layer,” says Joseph White, CTO at Brightlink.

Brightlink’s award-winning analytics platform, LiveView(R), enables customers to gain real-time visibility into their communications network data and to better understand the value that they derive by using the company’s products and services. If a communication service provider is utilizing Brightlink voice or messaging services, through LiveView they can see the volume of calls or messages that are traversing the network in real time so that they can manage utilization and capacity while also having the capability to assess quality metrics such as mean opinion scores or packet loss to improve customer service.

Particularly for customers who run contact centers who need the ability to deliver the best service, it is absolutely essential to provide transparency into data so that they can be proactive and take action quickly if issues arise. The analytics capabilities also aid Brightlink in their own ability to rapidly resolve issues.

We are the only company out there that has its own network services as well as the CPaaS platform with APIs, and an application layer

“Having analytics on top of the network layer not only allows us to rectify issues faster, but it positively impacts the overall business relationship,” remarks White.

For instance, one of Brightlink’s existing customers, a large conferencing company, wanted to expand their services by building a new communications platform leveraging HTML5 and WebRTC. This web-based approach would mean that they would lose the economies of scale and pricing that they initially achieved through traditional voice capabilities. However, by leveraging Brightlink’s CPaaS platform, the company was able to move their customer’s WebRTC calls and move them to the next generation platform with no change in pricing or network access. Furthermore, when customers typically look to expand their services, they often have to part ways with their existing network providers and look for an Over- The-Top company to deliver the same services. Since Brightlink has a proprietary network with nationwide coverage with more than 150 different points of presence, their customers can expand their offerings without having to lose the relationships that they have built. “These capabilities have empowered our customers to innovate and improve their products without losing their proficiencies or the relationships that they have already developed,” says White. “We power more than 30 billion communication interactions each year with best-of-breed service, 24×7 support, and a next-generation IP network.”

White asserts the critical importance of building relationships with their customers. By working closely upfront with customers and looking into their short and long-term roadmap, Brightlink can proactively plan and build ahead of time what their customers might need and deliver the best-in-class customer experience. “We make sure that we have the tools that our customers are going to need both now and as they grow,” adds White.

Additionally, Brightlink is a Federal Communications Commission licensed wireless carrier and plans to build more mobile and wireless capabilities into their product offerings in the near term given the many advancements in wireless technology. “We plan to leverage our next generation network, CPaaS capabilities, and wireless assets for an increasingly connected 5G world,” concludes White.
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Atlanta, GA

Joseph White, CTO and Rob Chen, CEO and Scott Allen, COO

Brightlink is a leading communications platform and technology company that delivers voice, messaging, analytics, and cloud-based solutions. The enterprise’s industry-leading CPaaS platform, technology solutions, and network services are used by companies ranging from small to mid-sized businesses to the largest enterprises and communication service providers around the globe. Wholesale VoIP, Messaging, Managed Services, CPaaS Platform, SIP Trunking, Cloud Applications, Analytics, and HD Voice include some of the business’s prime offerings. Brightlink powers more than 30B communication transactions each year with the industry-leading quality of service, 24x7 support, and a next-generation IP network that has the highest levels of performance, reliability, scalability, and security